“Real moments, forever.”

Thanks for taking a minute to peruse my wedding and portrait photography site. You’ve probably been on Google or maybe I shot your friends wedding and are working it all over to see who will be the best fit. While there’s no substitute for actually meeting in person, here’s a bit about me to help answer any questions you have.

About my style

There are two distinct aspects to photographic style; first is how the images look but just as important is how the photographer achieves those images. We’ve all seen the distracting photographer running around during the ceremony or sitting around at a reception, I try not to be “that guy!” I mostly stand back and let things unfold around me but I also jump in and arrange a photo if I see something I know will be gorgeous and/or fun but not cliche. This holds true for both weddings and portrait shoots as your being comfortable is one of the most important parts of getting great images.  My goal is to create a body of work you’ll look at 20 years from now and still be proud to display.  I’ve done this many times so often my clients are thanking me not just for the images but also for helping them through the day.

Who are my Clientele?

My clients are the type to trust my vision. They want the best images possible but also want to enjoy their day, have cocktails and not spend the whole time setting up contrived portraits. Not to say we won’t get all those family portraits but the key is trust and commitment to getting great images; work with me and the results will be memories you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

What’s your experience?

After 3 years as a staff newspaper photographer in the 1990’s, my early career was purely commercial photography but with the digital “revolution” of the early/mid 2000’s I saw what could be done with wedding photography and jumped in with both feet. I have been a full time photographer for more than ten years now and have shot hundreds of weddings in that time. On the advertising side, I’ve photographed images that have appeared in Wine Spectator, Sunset Magazine, The New York Times (it was a small ad but hey, that counts!), Bicycling Magazine and various national marketing campaigns so I promise to use my artistic discretion to create images that are not only fun and fashionable but timeless and classic as well.

Want the best images?

I’m often asked for advice to get the best wedding images and my answer is always the same; love each other….don’t be afraid to show it! Really, it’s the love you show that makes the moment. I’ll put in all my effort and if you put in the same, we’ll get amazing images, it’s that easy.

So when do I get my images?

Weddings: Any photographer taking more than 4 weeks to get your images is lazy! There is just not excuse for this in my opinion. Last year, I never took more than 9 days to deliver fully edited images and most were within 5 days. Nobody likes to wait! All images are delivered fully edited with minor blemishes retouched in both color with some black and white edits.

Portraits: How does the next day sound? Not for digital, I’m actually talking about framed art for your walls!


I am a HUGE advocate of getting real photographic prints to hang on your walls or put in your albums. I have dedicated a large amount of my time to creating beautiful wall prints that you will love and are the essence of why I am a photographer. Trust me on this, by steering you toward prints and away from just getting a disc of images I am doing you a huge favor in the long run.

About Colin

In my personal life I love playing with my kids, being in the woods, reading campy Science Fiction, riding mountain bikes, tattoo’s, a good game of solitaire, backcountry skiing, and campfires with good friends (don’t forget the bourbon). For those that know all that Bend Oregon has to offer, you’ll see I fit in really nicely here! I’m a person that loves to meet new people and share some laughs. I take my fun seriously and respect play time. I have happy clients all over and it makes me feel like I’m doing some good in the world by capturing images that people will hang on their walls for generations. I am based in Bend, Oregon, but travel extensively. As much as I love all things Central Oregon, I happily travel to all parts of Oregon and the world for weddings and also do destination weddings in the States and abroad. Much of my work is in California, especially the San Francisco Bay Area.


Colin Michael

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