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What a winter we’ve had here in Bend Oregon, Another 4″ of snow this morning for my sore back to shovel bringing the winter total to over 60″ of snow! I forget what the average winter snowfall is, I think something like 20″ so we have been really buried since late November. Winter fatigue has really set in and while at first everyone was so excited for the beautiful blanket of clean snow, now it’s looked at with scorn and disdain with groans and moans every time people look out and see how much more shoveling we have to do! Ha! I personally love it though I do admit we just scheduled an vacation to Maui so that sort of takes one’s mind off the cold.
Here’s a couple of images from a recent elopement I photographed here on the Deschutes River in Bend. I’d post more but no joke, I have a few more hours of shoveling to get to! It was a fantastic time with two amazing people and the cutest dog ever who could not stand to be anywhere but as the center of attention! This was from just before all the snow fell and I’ve held off on posting any of these until family and friends have been notified. I love photographing elopements as the intimacy and casual seriousness of the wedding is so hard not to get pulled into! As the only witness I had the honor of signing their marriage license, it’s something I will remember forever.
We started off the wedding at the beautiful Oxford Hotel in downtown Bend. I love the contrast of starting in a downtown upscale location then heading out to the woods for the ceremony as the beauty of Bend can be showcased from it’s upscale side to the natural beauty for which it’s know. We lucked out with beautiful sunny weather that provided amazing light then headed out to the Deschutes River for the ceremony. There were some controlled burns going on in the forest so it actually provided a gorgeous warmth to the light and a bit of a surreal mood. It was a heartfelt ceremony between two lovely people, I was so glad to have been part of it!


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