You want prints and I can prove it: have you ever heard someone say “I’m so glad to look at my wedding photos on my computer!” What I do hear all the time is “ugh, I still haven’t made my album” or “I have one picture from our wedding up but really need to go through them sometime.” Often, those weddings were 5, 10 or even more years ago! Even after 10 years and hundreds of couples, I’m still always a bit surprised that nearly every prospective clients asks me about digital images but only about half talk about albums and prints. I think back to the days before digital and wonder what my pre-digital self would think about the concept of couples not wanting any actual prints, just the negatives and it’s kind of shocking. Really, you WANT prints!

The fact is, you have photography done so you can have printed images to remember one of the most special days in your life so do yourself a huge favor and arrange to have your images printed in advance. Be it wedding albums, prints for your wall or custom panoramics, let me know in advance so I can tailor the shoot to get the best results. If, for example, I know that you are looking for a wide image for your living room, I might ask for a photo of the space so I can be sure to shoot to the appropriate dimensions and look for complimentary colors and content that would fit with the decor of your room. Maybe your house is a mid-century modern design or maybe it’s decidedly country, there’s specific things I can do to ensure we create the perfect image for that space all while having a great time at your wedding.

After all the months of planning so many details out for your wedding day, it can be hard to come back from relaxing and think about what you want to do with your wedding images. As such, I include wedding albums with every one of my packages. I make this mandatory as I know how much of a favor I am doing you by including them! Yes, I understand many brides are price conscious but as a wedding professional, it is my responsibility to ensure my clients receive the best service possible. So enjoy your complimentary wedding album, upgrade it if you wish but enjoy the printed image. After all, prints are why we take photographs!


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