Smith Rock mountain bike trails

Great time last night when Fuzzy John of Fatback Bikes and I headed over to Smith Rock State Park for a photoshoot for their advertising campaign. Instead of standard product photography like we have done in the past, we wanted to show that their new fatbike wasn’t limited to just snow and winter riding. It’s aggressive geometry and incredibly light weight make for a super fun year-round bike that shouldn’t be put away when the snow melts. The goal was to show just how well this bike handles and how fast it is and I think we captured just how much fun can be had when you are out on an adventure. I’m also digging the “natural” product photography we did at the end of the shoot showing the bike all dirty and used… just as it’s meant to be!

Having generally be spoiled by doing product photography for wine bottles, bikes, breweries and other types of general product photography, it had been some time since I’d ridden my bike with a full pack of gear for a location shoot. I have to say that riding with 30lbs of photography gear really hurt! Sure, it slows you down on the uphills but the constant pressure on your back really adds up to a sore back at the end of the day and the loss of your center of balance on the downhills is equally sketchy. Totally worth it though as Smith Rock is such a beautiful location for a photography session. That said, I’ve been researching lighter weight location lighting kits all morning as the advil has taken awhile to kick in!

As a side note, there was a huge fire burning on the Warm Springs Reservation so the light was extra warm from all the smoke and created some very surreal lighting in some of the images. I really love it and will have to plan some more family photography sessions for smokey days. We are so lucky to live here and get to be photographers in such a diverse and beautiful place!

Smith Rock mountain bike trailsThe Fatback Skookum loves to jump off any little feature in the trail. It’s also the best wheelie and manual bike I’ve ever ridden!

Smith Rock mountain bike trailsThe huge tired gripped this flat and very slippery gravel corner way better than the 27.5 bike I was on. Love the warm light coming from behind the tree.

Smith Rock mountain bike trailsYou can see the layer of smoke in this pic as Fuzzy just flew by me at around 30mph just a couple inches from my shoulder

Smith Rock mountain bike trailsSmith Rock as a product photography background is just amazing

Smith Rock mountain bike trailsDirty bikes make happy riders

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