Oregon Waterfall Engagement001

Last week I headed out from Bend Oregon for family portrait photography with Robert, Carolyn and their awesome Vizsla, Tuko, up in Hood River and the Columbia Gorge area. I have a special place in my heart for Vizsla’s as our dog Amber was the best dog we could have ever had so I knew it was going to be a great time. Add in that the Columbia Gorge area has a plethora of amazing places I was a very happy photographer!

We went straight to the epic shot at Wahclella Falls, which is in between Portland and Hood River. It was the first really warm day of Spring so we knew it was going to be busy but might have underestimated the denizens of the PNW and their affinity for a beautiful day after a winter of rain and cold! Cars were parked everywhere and the trails were busy but it all worked out as I was Robert and Carolyn wedding photographer so they knew they could trust my vision and it would all be good. As with most photo sessions in Oregon, there’s so many great places to shoot it’s easy to become distracted from the main location but the Falls definitely didn’t disappoint! There were other photographers and hikers there so we didn’t want to be in the way for too long so we quickly got some awesome photos. Photographing people in front of a large waterfall is definitely a challenge as the wind and water coming off the falls blows hair and clothing all over the place plus they can’t hear anything I say and I have limited time before my lens is so wet I can’t see out of it. Makes it extra fun for me as I enjoy the challenge of getting it right the first time and keeping my client’s happy. However, Tuko was having none of it that close to the falls so he sat by me barking his displeasure! Honestly, I can’t blame him as even 100 feet further from the falls we ended up soaked… Sorry/not sorry Carolyn and Robert as you got soaked but wow, the prints were amazing!

We then headed back through Hood River to Panoramic Point with it’s amazing view of Mount Hood and the Hood River Valley area. The apple orchards were just starting to bloom with the emergence of Spring so we didn’t get it in it’s prime but the light was gorgeous and I captured this family photo that I absolutely love with Carolyn, Robert and Tuko enjoying a beautiful evening and some fantastic light. I really love being a family portrait photographer and am excited for all the sessions I have coming up as the weather has been amazing and I’m looking forward to more adventures with awesome families!

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