More fun camera testing today for all the camera geeks out there! 🙂

Ran a Dynamic Range test on the X-Pro2. Short story is that it has 1 stop more latitude than a 5DMkIII in my test.

Longer story:
I grew up with stops so I measure in stops.

White piece of paper with 2 continuous source lights at 45˙ angles to prevent reflections.
Camera on tripod, infinity focus
Meter readings to ensure even illumination
Establish middle gray
Exposures at 1/3rd stop intervals from +/- 5 stops inward 3 stops (I did not bother shooting the middle of the range)
Shoot RAW
Import through ACR into Lightroom
Equalize all settings (desaturate, color balance) and crop to middle 10% of image

I ran through this first with a 5D3 at ISO 100 then the X-Pro2 at 200 (thought it was fair to set both where their best performance should be).
5D3 metered to 1/80th at 3.5 ISO 100
X-Pro2 metered to 1/160 at 3.6 (same) at ISO 200

I went back and forth looking at where detail was lost many times and concluded the 5D3 had detail from 1/6 to 1/1000 (7 1/3 stops) and the X-Pro2 had detail from 1/5th to 1/1600 or 8 1/3rds stops. This range was confirmed in both the RAW files and in the output jpegs.


I realize there are lots of ways to test but feel that as I eliminated all variables and tested in the same way between the two camera’s that it was a fair test for a comparison. I would not claim this is the definitive range of each of these cameras. It’s interesting to note that the meters of both camera’s had 18% gray at the same point but he Fuji went further into the highlights but about 1/3rd stop less into the shadows. As most of us want more highlight detail, this is good news.

Feel free to ask any questions, I hope this has been helpful.

NOTE: the for the scales below, I cut out the middle stop ranges so it fit better therefore you can’t count across to measure the stops.

X-pro2 Range, click to open
Canon 5D3 Range

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