In the crazy blur that was moving I somehow forgot to post Jenny and Joe’s amazing wedding in Scottsdale, Arizona. Don’t worry, they had their images within a few days of the wedding, I just forgot to share it with all of you!
We left Bend, Oregon, in December which at the time was having a cold snap with highs in the teens to be greeted by gorgeous mid 70’s temperatures, blue sky’s and great times! The desert landscapes are so amazing to work with and past experience shooting in the desert taught me to be ready for anything especially as deserts have intense, beautiful explosively colorful sunsets that are also amazingly short in duration. Here in Bend we see gorgeous sunsets over the Cascade Range that last up to an hour whereas in the desert you have maybe 5 minutes before the color is lost and dusk sets in. Oh, plus you have to watch for snakes, scorpions and of course those brutal cactus of every shape and variety you can imagine! Good times were had by all, Jenny and Joe were amazing hosts, family and friends came together for a perfect wedding day. Enjoy some of their wedding photography as I had a great time creating it!

The kids played in this rock art for hours! Who needs iPads when you have rocks?!

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