After a day of skiing up at Mt. Bachelor I was cleaning out my hard drives as one had failed (don’t worry, I have 3 layers of backups!). This was a bit tedious at first but ended up giving me the chance to look through some of my older wedding photography, something I rarely do. It occurred to me that in all the years I have been a wedding photographer I have never done a post dedicated just to wedding rings! I think this is probably because I also do a lot of product photography so on a personal level I’m always more interested in seeing happy brides and grooms enjoying their amazing wedding days in locations around the world. But really, rings are pretty amazing!

I’ve seen trends in rings come and go over the past 10 years but I’ve often found that the rings people choose fit themselves incredibly well. From simple bands to multiple settings, brides and grooms spend a lot of time finding the perfect rings for their style. In recognition of that effort, I try to create ring images that reflect the feeling of the wedding day, be it a country wedding in Bend, a city wedding in Seattle or an intimate and natural wedding on the coast. So much of the day can be seen by the character of that ring photo alone! What really surprised me is that I can look at each ring photo and remember the situation that was going on when I captured the image, all great times.

On a technical note for the photography-minded, I use a 100mm Canon Macro lens for 99% of my ring pictures along with a variable brightness flash light and some colored filters. If it’s more fitting, I use natural light as long as that suits the mood of the day.

And to answer the inevitable question: No, I have not ever lost anyone’s wedding ring!

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