Why yes, as a matter of fact I have been majorly slacking on blog posts! I’ve been onto some other projects as well as enjoying a beautiful winter here in Central Oregon so it’s really just slipped my mind. I had a few gorgeous weddings this past fall that I’m going to share but mostly I’ve been shooting commercial and advertising jobs and don’t want to bore everyone with that! Well, the cover shots for magazines I will bore you with so that will come up later 🙂

Here’s a selection of images from Cassandra and Sheldon’s beautiful wedding this past fall. It was an awesome weekend with old friends, a bit of rain and some gorgeous light! I love a rainy wedding especially when the bride, groom and all the guests just roll with it and remember the truly important part of the day. While parts of the day had gorgeous sky’s and great light (how about that ceremony picture, that’s minimal photoshopping, the sky really looked like that!) much of the day has pretty flat lighting that works amazingly well for black and white processing. I find that B+W really works well in these situations and even better with awesome people having a great time!

This was pretty amazing! Cassandra, who is the biggest lover of animals I have ever known, had this fawn walk right up to her the morning of the wedding! I’ve now had several crazy wild animal events at weddings including a (friendly) skunk walk right into the guests during the ceremony to see what was going on, a bright yellow finch that flew into a brides hand and now this.

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