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For the past few months I’ve mostly been traveling the Pacific Northwest and was therefore doubly looking forward to exposing my pasty skin to some warm sunshine while shooting in California last week. I have grown to really enjoy the colder climates over the winter though I’m really looking forward to warmer temperatures and more bike rides and camping with the kids. For those that don’t know, Stephanie and I decided to hit the road with the kids doing a ton of travel for my commercial photography projects with plenty of fun thrown in the mix. Stephanie found herself an awesome job utilizing her skills as a CPA doing consulting for manufacturing and constructions businesses so we are now truly mobile! However, this is forcing some changes to Photography by Colin Michael’s wedding side. I am still accepting select wedding clients for 2014/15 but as my commercial photography business has expanded at such a rapid rate I’m having to limit my wedding photography to just 10 weddings per year. Some of my commercial and advertising photography projects last for up to 4 I put in this limit so I can devote the attention to each bride and groom that I feel you deserve. I love my wedding clients and have worked with such amazing people, wedding photography is still my favorite photographic discipline. Limiting to just 10 weddings will mean I will have to turn away many brides so I want to establish now that priority will be given to referrals from existing clients and to chill and/or amazing people who are having interesting weddings!

Speaking of chill people and amazing people…Amanda and Van’s wedding near San Luis Obispo Was a beautiful garden wedding at See Canyon Fruit Ranch for a couple of very amazing people. This was my first wedding of 2014 and one that I very much was looking forward to. Amanda and Van run a series of camps called Amazing Surf Adventures and also Operation Surf. Amazing Surf Adventures is a very fun beginner friendly surf camp that teaches people of all ages to surf and how to really appreciate our diverse oceans. The vast majority of people are so removed from nature and live in a technology driven world that it is life changing to step back to nature and realize how small we all really are and how much more there is to our existence than then latest mime on Facebook or witty quip on Twitter. Nothing like being humbled by the power of the ocean to knock down people’s barriers! Operation Surf is a truly special program that takes the aspects of Amazing Surf Adventures and works with disabled military veterans to get them out surfing. I have nothing but respect for our military veterans and hugely admire what Amanda and Van are giving back to these men and women who have sacrificed so much. While outsiders may see surfing as just another sport, it’s the connections with nature and the humbling aspects of the ocean combined with the thrill of catching a wave that help these soldiers move on and forward with their lives despite having given up so much.

I wish Amanda and Van many years of happiness and can’t thank them enough for all the time and energy they devote to improving the lives of the men and women who serve!
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