LGBT friendly wedding photography

“Best Day Ever!” should really be Liz and Alison’s trademark! Seriously, some of my favorite people as they are just so damn happy and in love. Oh, and did I mention their French Bulldog? The best part is that they really live the “Best Day Ever!” lifestyle not just on their wedding day but truly everyday as every time I see them they are just so excited and living life to the fullest. Plus they made me an awesome cocktail 2 minutes after we first met so that’s always a quick way to my good side! They both have high pressure Hollywood jobs, jobs that can really eat people up and take all the fun and creativity away from life but they are thriving and I think a big part of that success is because of the positive attitude and making the most of every minute. Just an amazing couple!

Held in Liz and Alison’s favorite beach town, Cayucos, at Cayucos Creek Barn, the weather was perfect, the decor was divine and the crowd was so happy to share in the day. It was my last wedding to photography of 2013 and a great send off for my year; nice to go out on such a high note. Just after the wedding we pulled up stakes and hit the road, moving out of California thus the long delay in getting this beautiful wedding on my blog. Between massively downsizing so we could be more mobile and getting settled into our new lifestyle then adjusting to winter and taking on tons more advertising photography work I just haven’t been blogging much. That’s not to say that Alison and Liz didn’t get their images, I had those delivered inside a week as normal; I just have been ignoring my blog!

A special thanks to the the Best San Luis Obispo Wedding Coordinator, the fabulous Mark Padgett for introducing me to Alison and Liz and for creating such a beautiful space to photograph!

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