If you are wondering where I have been the past few months then you haven’t been following me on Instagram! I post images to Instagram that are close to my heart and inspire me. Over winter you will see lots of skiing in Central Oregon, snow bike rides and winter scenes. Come summer you’ll definitely see some wedding photography, travel photography and just a bit of my commercial and advertising photography, just not too much to bore you!

I find an image based social network to be so much more relevant vs. Facebook’s status updates. Sure, you could choose your photographer based on their witty quips or their satirical commentary on Olympic host cities but wouldn’t it make more sense to follow more of how they see the world? Follow me at Colinmichaelphoto1 (not sure who this other Colin Michael Photo is without the “1” but he’s definitely not me!) on Colin Michael Photo’s Instagram feed.

We will be doing a lot of travel this year so if you see I’m in your area or will soon be so, let me know if you’d like to setup a shoot. I’m always looking for fun places, people to inspire me and authentic experiences. I have shoots in Los Angeles, Portland, San Luis Obispo, San Franciso, Las Vegas, Napa and Hawaii in the next couple months so that probably helps. There’s also going to be some big changes to my overall brand in the near future. Wedding photography will always be my darling but as my commercial and advertising sides have grown to be more than 1/2 my portfolio they need their own dedicated brand so expect to see that late Spring or early summer 2014.

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Bend Wedding Photography

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Bend Oregon Wedding

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