Seascape Wedding photography

Remember Jennifer and Andrew’s awesome Tahoe Engagement photos? Well now it’s time for their wedding photos and they are every bit as fun and dynamic as ever! We started the day off at Seascape Resort with a beautiful fall day that had me question why I ever moved out of Aptos in the first place! Always a bit weird going back to the town I grew up in. I’m hardly ever there (probably less than 10 visits in the nearly 20 years since I moved away) so every time I’m back it’s like a trip down memory lane! Heck, I taught my friend Jenn how to drive in the parking lot for Seascape Resort before the resort was even built! Ok, I’m dating myself now…

After hi-jinx and shenanigans at the Resort, we headed over to New Brighton Beach (scene of many a high school party.. oops, sorry, gotta stop this reminiscing!) for a gorgeous wedding ceremony on the cliffs above the beach. Jenn made Andy wait a bit on the alter and his nerves were going! Really did make his relief palpable when she finally headed down the aisle.

The reception was at the Sesnon house at Cabrillo College. Somewhere I had been dozens of times back when but hadn’t been remodeled until more recently and is now a really nice wedding venue in Aptos. The fog rolled in and we all headed in for a great party (see below, looks fun doesn’t it?) and plenty of cocktails.

An awesome wedding with 2 really great people, thanks for having me Jenn and Andrew!

Seascape Resort Wedding Getting Ready Photos
Seascape Resort Wedding Getting Ready Photography
Seascape Resort Wedding Getting Ready Photo
Seascape Resort Wedding Photographer
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Seascape Resort Wedding Getting Ready Photos
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New Brighton wedding ceremony photography
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New Brighton wedding ceremony
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Sesnon House Wedding Photography

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Trisha Spencer
January 6, 2014
I've enjoyed reading your blogs and viewing your great work. I currently use a nikon d700 and am interested in purchasing either the fujifilm pro or 100s as a second camera. Any advice you might have for me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!!
Rosita and Johnny
December 30, 2015
Hello, what would you charge for a one hour wedding session at new brighton beach March 5, 2016?