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Edit: 3 years since this post and I absolutely love living in Bend Oregon! It’s paradise for a photographer and general outdoor sports enthusiast. The kids are in a great place to grow up and I feel lucky every day I’m here. So happy to have the kind of job as a photographer where I can live in such a paradise! Oh, and there are actually 23 breweries in the area, not 9 🙂

Many years after my first trip to Bend Oregon we finally returned and I loved it just as much as the last time I was there… actually more! Last time it snowed a record amount so we didn’t really get to explore all the great venues and outdoor activities though the skiing was really good. This time we went in the summer and absolutely loved it! We were there primarily for vacation though, as usual, I went with an eye toward wedding and commercial advertising photography. I made an effort to only scout out locations for engagement and wedding photography in Bend and Central Oregon rather than just going and shooting as there are so many great scenes it’s easy to loose focus on the end goal! I have a tendency to go to the extremes and shoot a ton when I scout so it was really nice to force myself to just shoot with my iPhone while exploring so I really got a feel for the area.

I’m going back in a few weeks for an engagement photo session and some nature photography so I didn’t want to get too focused but instead keep an open mind about what’s is around. Well, after 5 days exploring I’m totally in love with the area and can’t wait for the photo session next month! I found some absolutely amazing locations that I thankfully have a very athletic couple for as they are kind of out there. I’m going to post up some of my images I shot while traveling around Bend that will just give a taste of what I saw. We got in a ton of bike riding, fishing, floating on the river and playing with the kids.

Funny thing about kids and fishing. In 1 hour of fishing near Shevlin Park on the NW side of Bend, each kid caught 2 fish and had probably 20 more bites and even a few reeled in that got off the hook. They they complained they didn’t get enough fish! I guess they aren’t ready to be fishing rivers for wild fish quite yet!

Did I mention there are 9 microbreweries there too?!?! Yeah, that pretty much sealed the deal for me 🙂

Bedding Wedding Photographer
This has to be the nicest REI store I have ever seen! The smoke stacks are part of the old mill in the aptly named Old Mill District of Bend, Oregon. Despite the name, it’s actually all a recently developed area of modern franchised stores like GAP, Sunglass Hut and Black House White Market and the like.
Bedding Wedding Photographers
We got in a TON of mountain biking on the easy trails of Bend. I rode an average of 4 hours a day and could ride another year and still be finding new trails; they are everywhere in Bend and the Deschutes National Forest! Caiden really appreciated the Phil’s Trail Complex for it’s kid friendly trails that are quite easy to ride.
Bedding Wedding Photography
Summer thunderstorms had us running to the car to find an umbrella. By pure luck, we had 2 in the car!
Bedding Wedding Photographer
Our dog Charlie loved the trails too! No, I’m not being an irresponsible pet owner, dogs are allowed off leash on most of the trails outside town. The truly amazing part is that every other dog owner I saw out there (and there are tons of dogs in Bend) were completely responsible and very good at controlling their dogs. There were no mean dogs we met, nobody left bags of dog “business” around the trail head and people were just generally stoked to have their dogs have so much fun. Charlie is a rescue and is very shy to new people so she was happy to just keep on running right by my side no matter what came along on the trail.

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