Fuji X100s user review wedding photography

As a long time fan of the Fuji line of camera’s I’m happy to say that my X100s should be here in time to test then shoot at my first wedding of this season. While my relationship with the original x100 could best be described as tumultuous, I absolutely loved my X Pro-1 though even it irritated me with it’s sub-standard focus ability. I’ve kept the X100 as my fun camera and had to sell the X Pro-1 as even though it had an excellent sensor and was capable of gorgeous results, it’s (lack of) ability to focus in the kind of lighting conditions where I photograph weddings made it a very expensive toy. Enter the Fujifilm X100s and it’s all new focus system along with the lens that made me love the X100 and the sensor that made me love the X Pro-1! It will be here in time for me to get a couple shoots in with it for testing before taking it to 3 weddings in 3 weekends. I’ll post results as I go and do a write up to see if it really is capable of being a working camera for wedding pros. I’ll also be putting on my Really Right Stuff L-Bracket and doing so huge panoramic’s with it, much nicer to carry it at 1lb vs. my Canon and lenses at over 7lbs!

For those who haven’t seen my previous reviews, I don’t pixel peep or shoot test shots; I shoot weddings and people. I try to shoot camera’s for their strengths so there will be a lot of getting ready images and candid’s along with a few portraits. I’m really looking forward to it!

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April 18, 2013
Hey Colin, I found your site through the fujix-forum. Anyway, I'm an aspiring wedding photographer and your insights and review on the X100S greatly interests me. Do you have an idea of when you'll get around to posting it? Thanks!