Weding Photographer

I recently upgraded my primary workstation so I’m having a bit of fun with video this winter. Here’s a little video I shot while hiking up Bishop’s Peak in San Luis Obispo with my son Caiden. I’ve mostly only used my GoPro camera for shooting bike riding and dirt biking (before my accident last year) but now that I’ve done this I’m thinking I’m going to be finding more creative ways to use it as it’s really an interesting alternative to show a day! Plus, I got some really odd looks from people who wondered why in the world I was hiking with a long red pole with a camera on the end which was quite entertaining! I will say, the downside of videography is the length of time it takes to edit things but seeing as this was pretty much my first attempt and it only took a couple hours I can’t complain too much!

So, before the inevitable question arises “will you be doing wedding videography?” I’ll go ahead and say that I’m very committed to being a wedding photographer. I love the timeless art of photography and don’t think there’s any medium that I’d ever prefer as the capturing of a perfect moment and the emotion it conveys is everything to me. However, as multimedia continues to develop my inner artist always keeps an eye out for fun alternatives that can be added to the core of what I do as a fun bonus. I certainly don’t see myself shooting full video coverage of San Luis Obispo weddings and events but fun little video clips are a possibility…So who knows what this year will bring!

Bishops 1-26 from Photography by Colin Michael on Vimeo.

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