Paso Robles Wedding Photographer Colin Michael

Winter in SLO county is a funny thing. Now, before all my East Coast friends and clients skewer me for complaining about the cold, know it was 23 degrees at my house in SLO county this morning at 7am. So we don’t have it that easy. However, my son’s short sleeves and bike riding should shows it’s not too bad by the afternoon either… Ya, rough I know 🙂

Personally, I love the heat of summer and find long days at winery weddings where it’s over 100 rarely bother me though being cold is much harder. 112 at the pool in Vegas? I’m in! 4 hour bike ride at 95 degrees? I’ll bring some cold one’s with me! Sure, I can put on a coat in the winter but, being from the coast of California, I don’t really own any warm coats. Actually, when it’s cold I generally just layer up and hope for the best! A little sweat is good for you, freezing toes are not, ’nuff said!

So, for all of you stuck in the cold, I feel for you…just don’t think I will trade places with you! Well, unless you live at a ski resort then all bets are off.

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January 9, 2013
Good Morning Colin- I hope you had a great Holiday- We shared a common Bride and I was wondering if you had any Pic's of the bride left in your archives - or how I might get one or two? I always ask the bride for a photo- but it doesn't always happen- Here is the name & date;Natalie Albano & Jason Starkey 9/8/12-please put your Logo on the photo for credit also- Thanks in advance if you happen to have them! Sincerely Kim Brown