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My new website for wedding photography is up! Lot’s of work and I had to learn way more about .php and other technical website issues than I ever wanted to know but I think it paid off nicely. Became a bit more involved as I had to change servers and figure out a difficult URL naming issue with my blog. But now all the old links are working and it’s all good!

It’s always a challenge choosing what images go on a site and which complete weddings should be used to show off not only my own wedding photography style but also the kinds of clients that I typically shoot and the types of weddings I enjoy. As someone who’s been doing wedding photography for quite a few years and has shot everywhere from Canada to New York City to Napa to San Luis Obispo, I’ve got quite a variety of weddings! Barn weddings, Mission weddings, city weddings, vineyard weddings, beach weddings, Indian weddings, garden weddings… you name it, I’ve probably shot it. So after much consideration, I choose weddings that I was most emotionally tied to as they were not only gorgeous weddings but also ones that I feel most connected too. You would think that would make it easy but I really enjoy my clients and feel a close tie to all of the weddings I shoot! So in that vein, I decided to put up a few complete wedding photography galleries and a few highlight galleries so the variety of my wedding imagery can been seen and a sense of my style develops.

Stop by and visit my new site and update your RSS to reflect the updated url for my blog.

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