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I had a great day at Allison and Brant’s wedding at O’Donnell House in Palm Springs! It was a stunning wedding venue with a gorgeous bride and groom, I was so happy to be there. Only the most observant and long time viewers of my blog will notice that Allison has actually been on my blog before but as a bridesmaid for Annabelle and Vinnie a couple years ago at their wedding in Pismo Beach.

I drove out the day before and checked out the area so knew I was really in for a treat but when I arrived I saw it was going to be even more beautiful than expected as the decoration was just as good as the views. Yes, it was a bit warm but thankfully there was a pleasant breeze that kept things reasonable. Ok, I did get pretty hot running around for the family portraits but thankfully it’s a “dry heat” so when I stopped moving around and let the breeze do it’s work it was all good.

The ceremony site is truly stunning. Set about 200 feet above the valley floor the views are just amazing and the shade of the mountains keeps it reasonable. When Allie walked down the stairs the crowd let a collective gasp as it was a really magical moment, I don’t think there was a dry eye anywhere! It’s always awesome when the bride and groom are so close with all the guests so everyone feels the power of what the wedding is all about. At the reception everyone was wonderful and danced the night away, perfect!

Great times with great people, what more could I ask for as a wedding photographer?

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