San Luis Obispo Mission Wedding Photography
I had the pleasure of shooting Natalie and Jason’s wedding at the San Luis Obispo Mission and the Avila Beach Golf Resort last weekend. This was a destination wedding as they live on the East Coast so it was very exciting for them both to come back to San Luis Obispo where they attended Cal Poly and enjoy life on the Central Coast and a few days on Avila Beach! It was a super fun wedding with a lot of the same group from Mark and Danielle’s wedding which made it even better as I knew so many of the guests!

I often am asked why sometimes I choose to do more black and white wedding photography and other weddings in color. This is really a personal choice on my part as while I’m shooting the feel of the wedding and the lighting usually push me in one way or the other. For the last dozen or so weddings I’ve had lot’s of soft light, muted colors and outdoor barn weddings so color really compliments the tenor of the day. When there’s more contrasty light, darker venues and moody settings black and white photography more effectively relays the dramatic feeling and emotional depth. So really, it comes down to a split of the personality of the wedding and the lighting. Personally, I love both and that variety is yet another reason I love being a wedding photographer!

Congratulations Jason and Natalie!

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