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Like that lead image? We always keep it classy around here! Caitlin and Bryan’s engagement was a ton of fun. We started out drinking a drink Cait thought up, The Meringue (it’s low calorie and sugar free too!). Take whipped cream flavor vodka, mix in ice, then Crystal Light lemonade mix and add a small amount of water to taste. You can class it up a bit with real lemon juice and a bit of sugar but this worked just fine for the hot afternoon and was low carb to boot!

We all knew the images with the truck were going to be the focus of the shoot as this ’64 Ford is a beautiful work in progress. However, they live right in the middle of gorgeous almond orchards so I had to get them out there for some engagement photography! Those images came out really nicely as the light through the trees was perfect and I even broke out my parapolic reflector for some gorgeous light that looks like natural light but better!

When it came time for the shots with the truck I setup a couple lights and we got some dramatic images that are serious but also fun. My favorite is the vertical image below. I normally do everything to crop out telephone poles and whatnot but it just fits the feel of the shot so well I knew it had to be included. I knew right as I shot it that we had the winning image. I’m definitely hooked on shooting classic cars and vintage anything!

Can’t wait for the wedding in Hawaii this October, it’s going to be great!

Paso Robles Wedding Photographer
Paso Robles Wedding Photographers
Paso Robles Wedding
SLO Wedding Photography
SLO Wedding Photographer
SLO Wedding Photographers
San Luis Obispo Wedding
San Luis Obispo Wedding
San Luis Obispo Wedding

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Melissa Miedecke
July 26, 2012
Love this!!