paso robles wine bottle photography

When I started my career in photography I thought I would be a commercial photographer shooting product photography, architecture and models for magazines. While I did shoot for some national magazines and had quite a few great commercial jobs, I found I really missed being around people! Not to mention that living in LA just wasn’t my thing and a commercial photographer really has no choice in that. Turns out I LOVE wedding photography, lucky me! That said, I still really enjoy getting technical and keep a few awesome Paso Robles Wineries and San Luis Obispo Vineyards as clients. After all, I do have a degree from Cal Poly in Agribusiness Marketing with a minor in Viticulture… see how I tied that all in?

I just finished up shooting Tablas Creek Vineyard‘s current releases and thought I’d share a picture of the setup. Funny that most wedding photographers would freak out at this setup as it looks fairly complicated and shooting reflective glass is most photographer’s worst nightmare! I think it’s kind of fun in a “I need a challenge” kind of way. It’s a basic 3 light setup with two main lights equally putting light on the face of the bottle and a 3rd light to keep the background bright white. Hard part is not getting the background so white that it reflects off the shoulders of the bottles.

Below are examples of the kinds of shots that mostly get used. Kind of cool that I get to see my work in wine magazines and even on those little shelf displays in wine shops and grocery stores. Plus, it’s always nice to have some amazing wine around!

Wine Bottle Photography

This image was published this past winter in Sunset magazine as Roxo was very well received by their wine writer. Congrats Roxo Cellars!san luis obispo winery photography

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