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Love this 1st picture from the San Diego Zoo. Caiden is getting into photography and nailed the decisive moment when the Polar Bear planted her feet right in front of him while playing!

We got back last week from a week in San Diego with my mom and had a great time! I would definitely recommend a trip to San Diego for families with younger kids. We rented a beach cottage in La Jolla just 1/2 a block from Wind and Sea beach so we would be right in the middle of everything. While we live just 15 minutes from Shell Beach, we find we just don’t go all that often so this would be a good chance for us to spend some time together and have a relaxing time. La Jolla is a nice town that is much more relaxing than the busier areas of San Diego with plenty of places to have coffee, drinks, meals and has a gorgeous coastline.

The first day there we spent most of the day at the beach before doing a family photography session with Gene Higa. Awesome times and great images, I’ll post those in a day or two. We then headed to Sea World where the kids had such an amazing time. It’s funny because we have family real close to Marine World near Napa Valley but we never go! Sea World was totally interactive and a good time for everyone. Caiden almost pet a dolphin (he was pretty disappointed it didn’t get just 6 inches closer but was still happy). The Orca’s were the highlight though Kyla has an affinity for petting goats. Pretty funny considering we go to the goat farm in Templeton all the time! We did the “Lunch with Shamu” that was quite informative. Kyla immediately wanted a stuft animal killer whale so we got one she named “Shampoo.” We told her the name of the whale is “Shamu” to which she replied “I know, but my whale’s name is Shampoo!”

After Sea World we had a chill day at the house as the kids were wasted. The surf was huge so we ended up just relaxing at the house and in the hot tub with some cocktails and doing a bit of shopping. We walked down to the beach in the evening where the kids thought it was pretty cool to be able to wear their pajamas to the beach! Next day was off for a trip to the San Diego Zoo. It was fun to see but Kyla was a bit young to really enjoy it. Thankfully she LOVES staring at maps so we got a stroller, gave her a map and she was all good! Caiden and I were pretty impressed by the snakes and it was nice to be able to show him what a Diamondback rattler looks like so when he sees one while we are out hiking he will know to stay away. My mom wouldn’t even go into the reptile enclosure, that was funny!

Our last day was spent at Legoland in Carlsbad. While this was not the most exciting place for parents, the kids absolutely loved it. It is a great place for kids under 9 years old as there is a ton of interactive exhibits and a great water play area. Kyla really took to the water cannons, she blasted people for about 30 minutes solid! Caiden loved the giant play structure with the huge bucket of water that would pour out and just about knock everyone down, he would have stayed there all day if we let him!

It was a great family vacation and we really appreciate my mom coming along to enjoy the time with us. Can’t wait to do something like this again!
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June 25, 2012
I know I've commented before, but we'd also love to feature this post on our San Diego-based site. LOVE the photos! Shoot me an email for details: shondra (at) dwellable (dot) com Thanks! Shondra