San Luis Obispo Wedding Photographers
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First run with the Fujifilm X-Pro1 last night at a wedding so I have a much better idea of how this camera works as a tool for a wedding photographer. Again, my full review will come later but here’s a few random thoughts:


-Quiet and stealthy
-Awesome handling and ergonomics
-MUCH better AF than I was expecting (a sequence of photos of the bride and groom walking up the aisle were all in focus!)
-Macro function with the XF 35 1.4 is totally useable though not the 1:1 I’m used to with my Canon 100L. It’s fine for shooting shoes and purses but for rings you still need a macro lens.

-BATTERY LIFE! Oh wow, this is a problem. My 5DII can shoot 1500 images in 10 hours on 1 battery. The X Pro-1 was dead in 1.5 hours with only 186 images taken. I have review turned off and don’t do much chimping. Ouch.
-The aperture constantly varies making noise and killing battery life. As I shoot in aperture priority mode 90% of the time, I have no idea why Fuji thought this was necessary. It’s part of the Powersave mode but if you turn powersave “on,” focus slows way down. This is something that needs to be addressed immediately as I suspect it has a great effect on battery life.
-The tab for the On/Off switch is easy to hit as it sticks off the front of the camera
-Lightroom does not yet support RAW so you have to shoot jpeg. Auto white balance isn’t very good so I’ll be spending a lot of time fixing skin tones!
-View finder crop lines are not even close to accurate. Of course you can frame tighter but why didn’t Fuji just make the lines setup a bit wider so it’s accurate? I’d say coverage is more like 85% at best.

Overall I found it a joy to use but I’ve got to figure out a way to conserve the battery as that’s ridiculous. As I I’m not a photographer who uses the LCD very often I’m guessing the constantly changing aperture is the issue so I sure hope Fuji addresses that quickly. Not to mention Lightroom as I’d love to see RAW files that fit into my wedding workflow. I got a few images but was really planning on putting it through it’s paces during the bridal portraits but the battery died before then. My backup battery won’t be here until Monday so I didn’t get to use it as much as I hoped for. I have a few other shoots in the next couple weeks so will have plenty of samples from those.
Stay tuned for my complete review after I’ve got a few shoots through it.

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A couple sample images from the Fuji X-Pro1:
San Luis Obispo Wedding Photographers
This was one of a 6 images series of image where I shot, refocused and shot again. 5 of 6 are in perfect focus. 1/640 at f/2.0 ISO 200 so I wasn’t cheating by stopping down. Set to “Provia” -1 sharpeness. Added in a little saturation in Lightroom.

San Luis Obispo Wedding PhotographersThe Fuji X Pro-1 does a great job with detail shots. Hit the “Macro” button to close focus and the camera switches to the EVF. Focus is quick and bokeh looks nice. 1/4000 at f/1.4 ISO 1000 with a bit of punch added back in Lightroom.

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[...] I’m going to put the camera through a couple weddings as a second camera to my Canon 5DmkII so I can really get the feel for how it works and if it’s truly as good as I hope it is. I will post my full review on it after I have enough use to draw definitive conclusions. So far I’m quite pleased though I expect to find a bunch of quirks as I go along. Expect and update later this week with plenty of example pics. See Fuji X Pro-1 Review Part 2 Here [...]
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