San Luis Obispo Beach Wedding Photography
So I was digging out the first image that you can see in this post when I stumbled on a bunch of old images from 5-10 years ago. While my processing was a bit heavier back then you can see my wedding photography has stayed consistent (I’m happy about that!). These days I’m looking more for the emotional shots whereas back then I was always trying to find the most dramatic shots. Here’s a mix of wedding photos that really bring back some memories!
The first picture above I just adore not only because it’s dramatic and a bit hot, but also because this couple was so into it they’d do anything! Here they are laying in the wet sand at Moro Bay on a freezing and stormy January evening! I love it when my wedding clients really go all out to get the best images possible. These guys were so good we actually brought them back to model for a workshop I helped put on later that spring.
SLO Wedding Photographer
I love the above picture not just because it’s a pretty picture and an awesome moment but also because it is one of my best lighting setups ever! The wedding venue was the enormous San Francisco City Hall. I have 3 off camera flashes (2 are actually high powered strobes). The first is just to camera right to light the brides back, the second is on a second floor balcony pointed at the bride to make her wedding gown glow, the third is pointed down at the guys so the groom really stands out. One of my favorite images I’ve ever taken.

san luis obispo beach wedding
I’m often asked what my favorite wedding is that I’ve shot and why. Most people assume it was one of the pre-“Great-Recession” weddings I shot with a $300k budget. Truth is, I love very small and intimate weddings. Add in this was also a destination wedding and I’m stoked! This intimate wedding was one of the more memorable ones from the beach in Carmel. A gorgeous day with lots of emotion as the couple had been through hell and back but their love overcame it all.

slo wedding photographers
I just love the color and fun of this image. Throw in some excellent champagne and a great couple and you’ve got some good times!

SLO Wedding Photography
The groom flew to the UK to have these kilts custom made. I’ve shot several weddings with kilts but I’ve never had a groom go that far! They rocked the look and had a great time only to change into their tux’s later for the reception.

SLO Wedding Photographers
I do a lot of off camera lighting as many wedding venues are very dark and drab. Straight in lighting is just boring. This image is from the first wedding I shot using extensive off camera lighting. I remember taking this image and knowing that I had to always use lighting in these situations as even a fairly straight forward image becomes beautiful with the right light.
SLO Wedding Photography details
Ah, the days of the $200,000 budgets! I sort of miss shooting this kind of wedding but reality is it’s all about the couple, not the money! I love to see beauty but a couple that is truly in love is the most beautiful thing of all and that’s all I really need!

I’ll put up another post of some of my favorite San Luis Obispo wedding photography later this week. I have tons but I want to post just the images that bring back memories for me. They aren’t necessarily the ones that are the portfolio shots but they have a lot of meaning to me as a professional wedding photographer.

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