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Brittany and Triton's wedding at Flying Caballos in San Luis Obispo this past November was so much fun! They are such genuine and caring people, it's no wonder everyone had such a great time! As theirs was a destination wedding, they planned out a whole weekend of entertainment for their friends and family. The weekend started out with a "Day-o-Fun" where they had all their guests come out to Flying Caballos for food, entertainment and even some bull riding! I was photographing another wedding that day but I hear that some of the bridesmaids were quite the bull riders!
The wedding festivities continued for the wedding day where everyone was so happy for Brittany and Triton and it showed. It's always so touching when you see how good people who really care for others are cared for in return; they reap what they sow and in this case there really was a whole lot of love going around! Now they are off on a world tour, last I heard from them they just finished up touring the East Coast of Africa and were headed to Asia. What a amazing way to start off the awesome marriage of two great people!

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