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As the photographer in the neighborhood I have lots of pictures all the kids playing. Bike rides, hiking on our local San Luis Obispo trails, beachs, goat farms, the zoo and all the other fun things we get to do with out children. But I thought it might be fun to start doing some funny portraits of the kids being the silly goofballs they really are. Kids aren’t so good at being serious for pictures but they are great at making funny faces and trying to scare me by making scary faces.
Lealand, Harper and Camille (otherwise known as Peepsy) are Caiden and Kyla’s good friends from across the cul-de-sac and all around great kids. We were out washing the car (thus Kyla’s lack of pants) and the kids were making silly faces at each other so I grabbed a camera and challenged them to make the funniest and scariest faces they can. Plus and good smile as every parent wants a nice smiling photograph of their kids!

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