wedding photographer in SLO

Okay, obviously I’m a little biased and love photography and want my client’s weddings to be just as gorgeous as they have planed it to be. I get so involved in hearing about my bride and grooms planning that I really am always trying to help ensure everything goes perfectly. To me, and many of my couples, it’s so sad when everyone in the background of your photos is staring at their camera’s or their phones rather than paying attention to your first dance or the moment you become a family. Or worse yet, I’ve had family jump in front of me while shooting the ceremony and block the shot so they can take a picture on their cell phone! You hire a photographer to capture the moments, shouldn’t your guest sit back and just enjoy the event? Not to mention the orange focus lights coming off everyone’s point and shoot camera’s that ruin a great moment you paid your photographer to capture. Please check out OffBeatBride’s article about having an unplugged wedding, probably one of the most important topics that almost nobody ever thinks to plan for and can really make or break your day. I RARELY share links on my blog so you know this is an important one! I’m all for everyone getting a few pictures but a big part of what I do is to allow your guests to focus on the amazing day and get to enjoy themselves.

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