As soon as people I meet find out I’m a photographer I get asked “What do you shoot?” My usual response is that I shoot mostly weddings in San Luis Obispo and San Francisco and some other work in the wine industry. Mention of the wine industry always garners some interest so people inevitably want to know more. It’s mostly fairly straight forward product shooting so wineries get high quality images of their bottles. It always cracks me up when a winery spends $20 million on their land and buildings, pays millions in payroll and expenses and then goes out and takes pictures of their bottles with a point and shoot camera while it’s sitting on a rock in broad daylight! Not exactly a professional presentation!
It’s not glamorous work but I love getting to be involved in the industry I once worked in (I was in management then marketing research for a wine consultancy firm) and it gives me a chance to try a lot of wines I would never otherwise get a chance to. Tablas Creek Vineyard is one of my long time clients and they make amazing Rhone style wines. Here’s a few shots I just finished from their upcoming release. Not a bad gig, right?

san luis obispo wedding photographer colin michael shoots wine

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