My buddy Syl has been working on a book all about using Canon flashes and asked me to pose for a few shots. So now Canon Europe posted up a series of articles Syl wrote and there’s a few pictures of me posing with my mountain bike showing the effects of different lighting. Pretty funny that my first international feature I’d be in front of the camera not behind it! lol
For all the photographers out there definitely pick up a copy of Syl’s soon to be released book covering every detail of how to use a Canon Speedlites. I like to think that I know quite a bit about photographic lighting but every time I talk to Syl we geek out on new ways to adapt our lighting and integrate new technologies to make what we do faster, easier and even better than before. You can find a link to order his book through this link: Speedliter’s Handbook

Use this below link then go to page 4 to see me. Next time I’ll request to be actually riding my bike but it’s pretty hard to do a bunch of example shots like that and make them all the same when I’m standing still little alone moving!

Canon Photo website lighting

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